Each month we will send you a reminder about where and when you can pick up your order.

We can always make adjustments for when you need a different pickup day or location if we know ahead of time; we can even make adjustments at the last minute if something comes up... with hundreds of members, someone always has a last minute change.

Watch the video below to see how easy picking up from TC Farm is!

Pickup Dates

All of our pickup sites are homes or businesses. The map will will show the nearest intersection within a block or so for home sites. We don't like displaying their home addresses on a public map. Don't worry, we'll share the exact address for the home sites when you join! We hope you understand.

Will my food fit in my freezer?

Yes! For most of our subscribers spending less than $300 per month, each package should fit easily into a normal freezer. It begins to get a little trickier for those spending $400 or $500 per month. A typical monthly subscription will take up less than one cubic foot of freezer space.

For those with larger subscriptions, we recommend a small chest freezer. They can be as small as 2' x 3' and cost $300. Most people find they are a good investment for more than just our subscription.

Does the food stay cold before I pick it up?

Yes! Our deliveries are dropped off in large, insulated coolers that keep your subscription safe and fresh, even in the warmest months. They stay frozen well past the recommended pickup window if you are running late that day.

What if I can't make my pick-up time?

If you are unable to pickup on the regularly scheduled day and a neighbor can't stop by for you, we've always been able to make alternate arrangements that work well. Just let us know.